دانلود کتاب شانس دوباره SECOND CHANCE BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI

دانلود کتاب شانس دوباره: برای پولتان، برای زندگیتان و برای خودتان

Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World

روزی روزگاری، دولت برای مراقبت‌های پزشکی و امنیت اجتماعی از افراد بازنشسته حمایت می‌کرد.

اما متأسفانه آن روزی و روزگاری به پایان رسیده است و به یک داستان خیالی و غم‌ انگیز تبدیل شده است. 

روزی روزگاری ، آمریکا ثروتمندترین کشور جهان بود . روزی روزگاری ، دلار امریکا ارزشی مانند طلا داشت. روزی روزگاری ، چاپ پول کاغذی بزرگترین جرم در دنیا بود.

روزی روزگاری ، تنها کاری که باید برای زندگی مان انجام می دادیم ، خرید خانه بود . روزی روزگاری ، سن نوعی سرمایه بود…

اکنون آن روزی روزگاری به پایان رسیده و حالا این سوال پیش می آید که : بنابراین مردم چه کار کنند ؟

این کتاب قرار است تنها به سوال فوق پاسخ دهد. این کتاب شانس دوباره‌ای است برای سوالات شما، برای زندگی شما و برای دنیای شما.

کتاب شانس دوباره به دو زبان فارسی و انگلیسی تقدیم کسانی می شود که به باورهای غلط و قدیمی اعتقادی ندارند.

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English | ۲۰۱5| PDF | 200 pages | 4.7 MB



شانس دوباره

رابرت کیوساکی

Persian | ۲۰۱5| PDF | 100 pages | 2 MB


Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World

Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki aims to destroy some popular myths about money management and encourages the reader to think like an investor rather than a saver.

Few would argue with the fact that, on many fronts, we are a world in crisis. And there are two sides to every crisis, be it a leadership crisis, an economic crisis, an education crisis or a moral crisis. The two side to crisis are danger and opportunity.
Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, Second Chance…for Your Money and Your Life, uses the lessons from the past and a brutal assessment of the present to prepare readers to see—–and seize–—the future.
If readers can train their minds to see what their eyes cannot, in a world that is becoming increasingly more ‘invisible’ and moving at a high rate of speed, they can have a second chance at creating the life they’ve always wanted.
The global problems we face cannot be solved by the same minds and people who created them and today’s world demands the ability to see the future and prepare for what lies ahead…prepare for the opportunities as well as the challenges.
Like it or not, we are all involved in the greatest evolutionary event in human history. The Industrial Age is over and the Information Age continues to accelerate. The visible agents of change have become invisible…and harder to see. And the future belongs to those who can train their minds, use the past to see the future, and take the steps to create the positive change they want to see in their lives.
Second Chance is a guide to understanding how the past will shape the future and how you can use Information Age tools and insights to create a fresh start. This book is a guide to facing head-on the dangers of the crises around us—and steps and tips for seizing the opportunities they present.

In the first three-fourth, Second Chance mostly tells you what you have been hearing for the last seven years on how the 2007 economic crisis precipitated. The author digs into various economic policies and decisions by successive governments that helped big businesses by punishing the middle class and the poor. Although there is some truth in these claims, I don’t think the book’s subject warrants this much space on how the government made bad decisions.

For people who do not understand the basics of financial systems, the author does explain how the banking system works at a high level. You will also get a very good understanding of difference between an asset and a liability. The author’s writing style is simple and easy to understand, however, a lot of information is repetitive. Moreover, the author keeps referring to his other books and how he had said this and said that. I believe that someone like Robert Kiyosaki does not need to persuade readers about his credibility as a speaker. This constant repetition starts to look like a cross sale after some time.

By the time you reach the third part of Second Chance, you surely start to wonder if the author intends to give any specific information on managing money and finances to the readers. Understanding the past is important and knowing the present is crucial, but I think book takes a lot of time to reach the main subject of the book

The third part of the book forms the core of the book where the author talks about making wise investment decisions. The recent economic crisis has put a lot of emphasis on debt and how debt is bad. In The Opposite of “Get Out of Debt”, the author explains that not all debt is bad. Debt can help you expand and grow, if used correctly. He explains this with an example of real-estate investment scenario – not for staying, but to generate a steady cash flow.

Most of the book is written in a question-answer style, so if you don’t like reading a Socratic dialogue, you may find reading it a bit unnerving.

In Summary, I will say that you should read Second Chance if you have absolutely no idea about investing money and if you are not sure if your car goes into the asset column or the liability column. There is some very good advice, but the book seems more of an argument for why you need to understand investment rather than actual investment advice, which comes a bit too late in the book.

سجاد نبی زاده

سجاد نبی زاده

سجاد نبی زاده مدیر سایت فروشگاه عتیقه است. سابقه 15 سال فعالیت نرم افزاری دارد. در زمینه آموزش نرم افزارهای گرافیکی و طراحی وب فعال است. روزها می نویسد و شب ها می خواند. آرشیو جامع نرم افزار و آموزش و بازی های کامپیوتری دارد. آماده همکاری با همه دوستان خوب است. با او در ارتباط باشید تماس با من -- کانال تلگرام من

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