Gnomon Workshop Creating Train From Satellite Data

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  • Creating Terrains with Satellite Data
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آموزش ساخت محیط های 3 بعدی با استفاده از اطلاعات ماهواره ای

Gnomon Workshop Creating Train From Satellite Data

در این مجموعه بی نظیر خواهید آموخت که چگونه می توان با استفاده از اطلاعات و تصاویر ماهواره ای، محیط های واقعی با پستی بلندی ها و مقیاس بسیار دقیق ایجاد کید. این مجموعه آموزش ها در نرم افزار MAYA ارائه شده است. اما می توان از انها در اکثر نرم افزارهای 3D مانند 3Dsmax و Blender نیز استفاده کرد. این دوره آموزشی مخصوص حرفه ای ها بوده و با استفاده از نرم افزار maya و به کمک نرم افزار ZBrush ارائه شده است.

Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 1
Maya Based Workflow with Alex Alvarez

In this first DVD of a two-part series, Alex Alvarez shares his techniques for developing terrains using satellite data. In Volume One, the skills necessary to create terrains with a high-altitude camera are explored. We start by location scouting with Google Earth, settling on a region of the Grand Canyon to develop. The National Map, a free service from the USGS, is then used to download the corresponding elevation data (DEM) and satellite photos. As the data is delivered in tiles, we then use GlobalMapper to stitch, and re- tile, the data into a format that can be used in Maya. After removing shadows in Photoshop, Alex thoroughly explains how to setup displacements in Maya and Mental Ray, rendering with the Physical Sun/Sky system. He also delves into how to utilize multiple UV regions with multiple tiled textures on a single plane, allowing for the creation of vast terrains, often needed for fly-through animations. Creating the various textures, such as bump, reflection and gloss using the mia_material are demonstrated, as well as the use of the layered texture node. Filter Forge, a powerful Photoshop Plug-in, is also used to develop tileable procedural bump maps to improve the high-frequency detail of the terrain. Anyone interested in creating natural environments in a Maya based workflow will benefit from this thorough lecture and demonstration, whether it is to recreate real-world locations, or use them as a starting point for imagined environments.

Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 2
Maya Based Workflow with Alex Alvarez

In this second DVD of a two-part series, Alex Alvarez continues his demonstration of utilizing satellite data to develop terrains. Where Volume One developed the skills necessary for high-altitude cameras, Volume Two focuses on techniques that allow the artist to effectively ‘up-rez’ regions of the terrain. Adding ZBrush to the workflow, Alex identifies areas that would benefit from digital sculpting. New geometry is created from the initial satellite DEM file (Digital Elevation Model) that is topologized, UV’d, then sculpted using ZBrush’s HD Geometry. The procedural rock textures generated in Volume One are now used as ZBrush Alphas to quickly sculpt rock and cliff details. In addition to HD ZBrush workflows, Alex also shows an alternate approach that allows us to utilize DEMs directly in ZBrush, as well as how to use Decimation Master and XNormal to generate high-quality results. Once the ZBrush phase is complete, new satellite photos are then acquired using Google Earth Pro to generate 8k and 16k textures. Alex demonstrates how to align and project these new textures onto the new terrain geometry in Maya as well as how to cleanup textures using Mari, which supports 16k texture workflows, in a manner suitable for artists with no Mari experience. With models and textures complete, Alex shares his alternate lighting strategies. While Physical Sun/Sky offers convenience, an HDR workflow, combined with direct lighting, offers far more creative control. Alex then moves on to his techniques for creating Atmospheric effects, such as air and fog. Volume Primitives are thoroughly explained including how to texture their density for patchy fog effects. Lastly, rendering the various passes is discussed and the lecture concludes with a demonstration of how to combine the various passes in Photoshop to tune the final look of the image. For artists interested in creating natural environments with Maya, this DVD provides a variety of powerful techniques to create worlds both real and imagined.

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