Drums of War VST

45,000 تومان
  • وی اس تی سمپل drums of war
  • محصول Kontakt
  • سمپل های سینمای جنگ
  • Windows and Mac OSX
  • اختصاصی فروشگاه عتیقه


Drums of War VST

Overview :

Drums of war was created for the same purpose as that of our other two libraries. while working on a project we found ourselves in need of a sample set which, after conclusive research, we found to be none existent. we needed drums that would capture the magnitude and true essence of a forgotten battle fought in a forgotten place. they needed to posses a tone that would be associated with the trepidations of warfare. they needed to retain a deepness that could intimidate from afar yet have the warmness that would inspire the limit. they needed to sound as if they were built from wood of long-extinct trees and the skins of beats not seen on the earth millennial. most importantly they needed to remind us to the grand, prehistoric armies as they stored across ancient Europe, terrorizing all in their wake.


Containing solely European elements Drums of war offers a new color that stretches beyond your samples of African and Oriental descent.

Patch List :

War Ensemble – Titan Ensemble – Sacrificial offering – Hells Deep – Earth mover – Barbarian Siege – Ceremonial Skull hammer – Combat Drum – Battle Drum – Ancient Torture Drum – Army of Doom – This is Sparta – Sub Booms – Mammoth calls Drums of war  multi (KontaKt only)

Formats :

Kontakt 2 and above EXS24 – 48 Khz/24 bit – 96 Khz/ 24 bit

runs on Windows and Mac Osx


balkan soundsberlin
سجاد نبی زاده

سجاد نبی زاده

سجاد نبی زاده مدیر سایت فروشگاه عتیقه است. سابقه 20 سال فعالیت نرم افزاری دارد. در زمینه آموزش نرم افزارهای گرافیکی و طراحی وب فعال است. روزها می نویسد و شب ها می خواند. آرشیو جامع نرم افزار و آموزش و بازی های کامپیوتری دارد. آماده همکاری با همه دوستان خوب است. با او در ارتباط باشید تماس -- کانال تلگرام

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